In our nature

A Textile furniture forest

Furniture is a part of our way of living and shows our behaviour, we furnish our lives with them and live in between them.

“But what is our natural behaviour?”

In a digital world where contrasts speak up between the industry and craft, the urban city and the country, I wanted to experiment with the haptic experience to be in a furniture and an environment.
A textile environment, as in nature where it is not predetermined how to act or sit. An environment, which changes, grows and adapts to you depending on your actions.

“In Our Nature” is inspired by the free way we act in nature and the changed way we began to act with furniture as the technology became mobile. Today we take our laptop from our office space and work from home in our bed or lying on our couch.
The space between private life and work has been erased and as we are both working from the office chair and the bed we need a new way of using furniture.

I have created a furniture space were you can interact with different textile structures and objects to create different settings for your everyday life and activities.
The different textiles stimulate your senses, through the structure, material and the heavy weight. The heavy weight in the textiles has a psychological effect as it slows you down and make you feel grounded with a heavy blanket on top of you, or carrying the table.

The furniture is a square furniture space as I deleted the couch table and invite you to cuddle up with the textile objects and the tray table.  The construction is in oak wood, with a braided seat in cotton. The Textile collection consists of; Three different blankets in wool and cotton, one wool carpet, five pillows,  a  wool lamp and a textile/oak table.

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