Ellinor Ericsson

Ellinor Ericsson, born 1987 in Sweden, is an upcoming designer with an education in furniture and textile design from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen.
Before deciding on the field of furniture Ellinor has been experimenting in the fields of scenography and industrial design.

Textiles became the main inspiration, starting point for the process and are often an important part of the construction of the furniture itself. To create a piece of furniture without fabric is almost unthinkable according to her view.

The master project “In our Nature” was based on the experiment with different textile techniques, which then decided the function and shape of the final piece. Working with the hands and getting in touch with the materials was an important part of the project, thereby contrasting the current developments in a more and more digitalised world.

The step from scenography to furniture design inspired how she works today,  best described by her own words as “creating settings, that are on stage for a longer time”.

”I look at my design as a scenography,
the things I make is to interact with,
the plot is your everyday life
and your home your stage.”

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