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Ellinor Ericsson is a Copenhagen based and educated furniture designer. Experiencing natural surroundings in Sweden during her childhood has served as a constant source for inspiration regarding the content of her projects. A significant trademark is the application of textiles in her furniture, which often root in traditional handicraft techniques.

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6-10 of February 2018
Danish Design Makers - A Tribute to the Everyday Life
Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden

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our nature

A Textile furniture forest

Furniture is a part of our way of living and shows our behaviour, we furnish our lives with them and live in between them. “But what is our natural behaviour?” In a digital world where contrasts speak up between the industry and craft, the urban city and the country, I wanted to experiment with the haptic experience to be in a furniture and an environment.

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– A Narrative Cupboard

Christianshavner Skabet

This cupboard has many stories. The main story is about Christianshavn, a small area of Copenhagen, where I once lived. This part of the city is special for many reasons. It includes people from many different social layers, from the lowest one to the top, but together they have a special love for Christianshavn. This area is also known for its old conserved architecture, from different times, that got mixed up with the modern one. This special cosy atmosphere, the contrast in the architecture and the contrast between the social layers of people living there was both the starting point and inspiration for my cupboard. The other story is about me, and the extreme. Extreme for me is to not use textile in my furniture design, as I never tried this before. This ended up in using all other materials possible... and the challenge to match the right colours and structures, which reflect and represent the people and the facades on the streets of Christianshavn. The colors and structures is inspired from “Bådmandsstræde” in Christianshavn, with advices from Byens Farver and Bente Lange ( Arkitekt and Conservator). Prototype made at “Statens Værksteder for Kunst”.

– The X-Me


The X-Me Collection is a furniture concept developed by the question "Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?". In the project, nordic furniture design were compared to the adorned Rococo furnitures. The goal was to find a balance between the two different aesthetics, to bring the best from both. The result was a oversized cross-stitch ornaments in wool, and a braided birch wood construction in a couch and a lounge chair collection. The balance between purity of style and decoration, where the inspiration was the reverse; the construction materials are Nordic and the shape is rococo. The ornament is inspired by rococo but the cross stitch stylish Scandinavian. And the craftsmanship brings them both together.

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– The Stretch Me



StretchMe is a chair that is about stretching the rules of construction and the visual rules for a classical stick-chair according to the danish type. The dimensions and material is by its proportions put into a modern context where trends as well as the new way of using a chair today is the main inspiration. In use the chair surprises the user with its flexible structure. When you take a seat and lean back the sticks flexes with you in the structure of the elastic string. This makes a comfort but also a movement as you integrate with the chairs structure and shape.

Stretch Me Chair behind the scenes: sfvk.com

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– The

Tube Me Chair

The Tube Me Chair is about a tactile interaction with a chair. You are able to braid the naked chair with pillow tubes creating your own upholster with the different textiles. While actually sitting in the chair you can interact with it by using the tubes or just throw them around you and fall asleep being embraced.

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– Luggage

The Luggage puffs was created in collaboration with Ire Furniture when Ellinor got the task to create interior accessories out of textile waste pieces left from the production of upholstered furnitures. The idea for the luggage design came when Ellinor wanted to create an extra seat that they could both pull up when you got guests and melt into the room when not in use. Like stackable bags in an installation. The puffs have a nostalgic reference to old suitcases, but reminds us of our traveling today.

Produced by Ire Furniture in Tibro, Sweden

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